Continuity Between Prenatal and Delivery Care Serving a High-Risk Urban Population

Formative Observations from Health Economics Research at the annual Medstar Conference

In May 2023, our team, lead by Dr. Davis and Dr. DeLeire, presented a poster with early research observations at the the MedStar Health-Georgetown University Research and Education Symposium.

The research poster, “Continuity between Prenatal and Labor and Delivery Care Serving a High-Risk Urban Population,” is based on the Safe Babies Safe Mothers (SBSM) of MedStar Health, discussing the the consistency in care from prenatal to delivery stages within the SBSM community. This poster also briefly talks the the implications of how patient demographics and health history, birth outcomes, and delivery costs affect the delivery outcomes. Roughly one third of the individuals who give birth at MedStar’s flagship medical center, have no prenatal history within the MedStar system, either receiving prenatal care elsewhere, or perhaps not at all. This discontinuity can create a challenge for access to complete and timely information during the delivery event, and complicates efforts to recontruct a complete picture of perinatal clinical and financial outcomes as function of prenatal care, maternal health risk and history.

Please see the link for the full poster.

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