Policymaker Insights from CMS’ Jon Blum

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In October 2021, HCFI was pleased to host a chat with CMS Principal Deputy Administrator, Jon Blum. The discussion was wide ranging. We started with his impressions of how CMS today compares to CMS when he was at the agency several years ago. We then moved to other current priorities facing CMS such as the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing reform efforts that will carry the agency into the future, addressing issues of equity across CMS’ programs and across the populations CMS serves, and even his vision for how Americans can enjoy a more seamless relationship with CMS as they go through various stages of their lives. The event was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Below are some excerpts…

In this clip, Administrator Blum responds to a question on his impressions of CMS having rejoined the agency in 2021 under President Biden and in the COVID pandemic after having also served during President Obama’s administration and during the Affordable Care Act implementation
Administrator Blum responds to a question CMS’ priorities, and most pressing challenges given the demographic, fiscal, and pandemic pressures facing the health care agency.
Jon Blum at HCFI Policymaker Luncheon, October 2021. On prerequisites needed to guide further post-acute payment reform, based on the current way post-acute care is delivered, and the progress that has already occurred over the past several years.